A cystitis, a bad cold that leaves you bedridden and your employer asks you to stop work, a painful sinusitis or a prescription to renew?

Who has never found themselves in need of a quick consultation with their GP…without being able to do so?

Doctors who are overbooked, or who refuse new patients, making an appointment with a doctor quickly can be (very) complicated.

Between medical deserts and busy working lives that don’t always allow for “half a day”, access to an unscheduled medical consultation is sometimes a struggle!

Thanks to this project, there are now more than 300 doctors available, a medical team trained and mobilised on each terminal, 7 days a week from 8am to 11pm.

This service is a real time saver for the patient but also a societal solution in this period of health crisis since it allows a pre-diagnosis to be made.

It therefore provides a capacity to direct the patient to the appropriate medical services in case of need, thus providing a clear alternative to the risk of overcrowding in the emergency services and SAMU.

Since September 2018, teleconsultation is reimbursable, in the same way as a classic consultation.

A thermometer

A dermatoscope

A stethoscope

An ostoscope

An oximeter

A tensiometer



How does a teleconsultation with ONCONSULT work?

The consultation is carried out by video, with a doctor who hears you, sees you and vice versa. This is a real quality exchange: as he cannot examine you, he will ask you many questions. At the end of the consultation, you will receive a diagnosis, a report and a prescription and you will be fully reimbursed. All these documents are accessible at any time in your secure personal space.

Are the fees the same as for a traditional consultation ?

This is the same price as in a sector 1 practice, i.e. without exceeding fees, with third party payment; this amounts to €7.50 per teleconsultation (excluding the COVID period). Then, the tele-transmission is done by the CPAM, and you are reimbursed by your Mutuelle.

What if you don’t have your Carte Vitale ?

No problem, without a “carte vitale” you pay €25 for the consultation, then you are issued a “feuille de soins”, available in your personal space, which you can then send to your “Caisse d’Assurance Maladie” and to your mutual insurance company.

Does ONCONSULT offer access to medical specialists ?

In the medium term, yes. But for the moment our terminals only offer access to general practitioners and emergency doctors, and this is true throughout France. We are developing connected measurement tools that will make it possible in the future to offer specialised services in dermatology and ophthalmology.

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