SUPPORTIVE CARE

             A global approach

Based on scientifically proven experience, La Onco Maison de soins de support offers cancer patients a wide range of care services combining listening, relaxation, relief and support.

Complementary to the assigned treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.), supportive care is a key element of the patient’s quality of life, allowing him/her to maintain a balance between body and mind.

By offering a multidisciplinary approach to serve the patient and extend it to his family, Onco Maison de soins de support offers people with cancer, in addition to medical treatment, individualized care for :

  • Living better with the disease: relieving pain, better tolerating the undesirable effects of treatment, etc.


  • Optimising the healing process: reducing stress and anxiety, improving physical condition (diet, exercise, etc.)


  • Better informing patients and family members by managing the psychological, family and social implications

Our approach

Personalized welcome service

We will first conduct a one-to-one interview with you. We will listen to your concerns and gather the necessary information to establish an initial assessment of your needs. Then we will plan a personalised programme with you, based on your expectations and pace.

Your care programme is monitored by our care coordinator, who will ensure your comfort, monitor the progress of your care and continuously adjust it to your needs in order to maintain your quality of life.

Comprehensive support: before, during and after treatment

We put at your disposal a long experience, fruit of a recognized French know-how in disciplines essential to your relief and your well-being.

Care is free for patients and carers who are members of Onco Tv.

Before treatment

Before treatment

We help you to strengthen your ability to cope with cancer and its treatment physically and psychologically.

During treatment

During treatment

We help you to tolerate the side effects of treatment: fatigue, pain, nausea, hair loss, hot flushes, etc.



We help you adopt a new healthy lifestyle that facilitates your return to an active life after treatment.

Disciplines – Onco house of support care


Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of therapeutic massage in relieving pain and reducing symptoms related to the disease and its treatment.


Psychological support is often a key factor in the success of cancer treatments. Our therapists will accompany you through the disease.


Our therapists listen to you, assess your needs and work with you to develop the best regimen to prepare your body to better tolerate the treatments.


Large-scale studies have shown that regular sports activity contributes to patients’ quality of life and their physical and emotional well-being.


Maintaining a good self-image, preserving one’s body and appearance as much as possible are essential to fight against illness and to keep one’s energy and will.


The social environment of the patient occupies a privileged place not only for those who accompany, but also for those who accompany them.


conseil scientifique

The value of supportive care in the management of chronic diseases, particularly in oncology.

Cancer has become a chronic pathology that requires long-term global management.

The side effects of chemotherapy, targeted therapies, hormonal therapy and radiotherapy have repercussions on patients’ lives: the need to postpone treatments, reduction in doses, etc.

Alteration of the patient’s quality of life

These side effects, if left untreated, lead to a “loss of chance” (reduced life expectancy) for the patient.

Surgery, on the other hand, sometimes leaves both physical and psychological scars.

Onco Maison de soins de support has a real vocation in the accompaniment of patients and their families to respond to the various problems encountered throughout the disease and post-treatment. Many people are involved: massage therapists, psychologists, dieticians, physical trainers, beauticians, proximologists…

We know how important it is to preserve one’s self-image, to maintain one’s nutritional capital, to take into account one’s psychological well-being and possible sexuality problems. It is also essential to treat pain and maintain physical autonomy. Carers (families, relatives) must also be supported and heard in their specific difficulties.

Doctors are particularly aware of all these elements.

Onco Maison de soins de support is there to propose an adapted global management and to support the patient, in consultation with him/her and taking into account his/her specific needs, in parallel to the medical treatments.

The members of the Scientific Committee consider the care offered by Onco Maison de soins de support to cancer patients and their relatives to be particularly relevant.


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